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The flavour and soul of Authentic Beef

We are proud to work with some of the leading farmers in the world.


Argentina’s sustainable sources of quality beef is envied all over the
world. The region known as „The Pampa“ is the most fertile area.
This landscape of humid pampas – a vast region of open plains with lush
grass – is the ideal environment for the Angus cattle to breed.
Cattle are raised antibiotic-free without any hormones. These ideal
conditions result in meat that is lean, tender and full of flavour due to
being grass fed on the lush Argentinian Pampas.


Uruguay is sometimes described as „one big farm“. It is a country with
12 million cattle, but just 3 million people. Blessed with a mild climate,
fertile soil and specially green pastures allows the productions of high
quality beef.


Brazil has become the number one beef exporter in the world.
We work with only the best Brazilian cattle races, with almost endless
open plains on the lush grass of the Brazilian pampa.


Paraguay is becoming the „rising star“ in beef exports from South
America. It is a country with 7 million people and home to
approximately 14 million cattle. We select grass-fed cattle. Cattle are
mainly located in the Chaco region where the conditions are best for
producing quality beef.

Map South America


The United States currently has just under 90 million beef cattle for a population of around 320 million. With the largest fed-cattle industry in the world, the United States is also the world’s largest producer of beef, primarily high-quality, grain-fed beef for domestic and export use.


In Australia the majority of cattle are raised and fattened on natural pastures. Australia is the second largest beef exporter (behind Brazil). It is a country with 27,4 million head of cattle, but just 25 million people. Australia beef is amongst the highest quality beef in the world. Wide open spaces provides a sustainable, natural and stress-free grazing environment.


Ireland is the fifth largest beef exporter in the world and the largest exporter of beef in Europe. Ireland’s beef is reared on a grass-fed diet, with over 1 million cattle kept in around 80,000 farms. The beef is healthily farmed, positioning it to meet a growing demand among consumers who want to know where their food came from.