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We trace every step of the Supply Chain

Throughout the production process, we ensure that the quality and traceability of our beef meets international standards. Rellman Foods is certified according to the highest quality standards in the European Union.

Traceability from Farm to Plate

Traceability tells the story of your beef and ist provenance. It helps guarantee that what you buy is exactly as described on the label. Traceability maps the journey of your beef, beginning from livestock in the Pampas, throughout processing and all the way to your plate.

  • 1. Selection of the best breeders group

    All beef production comes from selected animals and selected farms who belong to a group of elite breeders.

  • 2. Slaughter according to standards & hygiene controls

    Breeders send their cattle to the slaughterhouse, according to a year round program, which is linked to weekly production and shipments to Rellman Foods.

  • 3. Pre-selection of premium beef

    The Rellman Foods quality team does a follow-up regarding all the slaughter, chilling and aging process, while paying special attention to animal welfare practices.

  • 4. Packed according to specific standards

    48 hours after slaughter, when the beef temperature, PH and colour are optimal and stabilized, the deboning process takes place. The beef cuts are then vacuum packed and placed in carton boxes.

  • 5. Transport by boat and airfreight to world markets

    All beef cuts that meet the agreed quality and commercial standards, colour, weight, size, fat cover, marbling and conformation are transported from the slaughterhouse to port or airport.

  • 6. Delivery to our customers

    After serveral thourough inspections, quality reports and selections, Rellman Foods can sell high quality beef, with flavour and incomparable taste. Rellman Foods is proud of its experience and success in the beef business.

What is “Quality Beef”?

By selecting Angus Breeds with the best genetic traits for quality meat and taste, we are able to breed the best cattle resulting in meat quality for consumers. Rellman Foods consistently strives to exceed customer expectations in terms of the beef quality. We pay extra detail to tenderness, flavour, juiciness, colour, leanness, and price.

Key Characteristics of our Beef

– Excellent conformation
– Extra marbling
– Optimal fat cover along the cut
– Perfect trimming (for an optimal and appetising meat cut)