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High Quality Beef

Looking for Premium Beef Cuts?

Since 2001, Rellman Foods is a leading provider of high quality beef from South America, 85% sourced from prime Argentinean herds, serving the most demanding European beef customers.

What makes us different?

We work closely with a network of farmers and producers who share our values in both Argentina and Uruguay. Our animals spend their whole lives in the open fields – animals raised this way enjoy a level of optimum well-being.

What do we offer?

It all starts by selecting the best breeds for the best beef. Our cattle are raised in the finest most fertile regions of Argentina and Uruguay.

We supervise each cut!

Each cut is supervised by our Rellman Foods Quality Team in order to ensure consistency in our Premium Beef Supply. This ensures premium texture with no excessive fat or unappetising meat cuts.

Our Principles

Focus on our customer needs:

We believe all customers are important and we support them in their business by fulfilling their needs.

Emphasis on Quality and Service:

We strive to provide the best quality available with a fast and accurate service level. This is one of our leading Leitmotivs.

Customer satisfaction through advanced technology:

Once we know what you expect, we make every effort to reach your expectations providing our customers with any necessary information.

Our Vision

Staking our reputation as a provider of high quality beef, Rellman Foods strives to be a reference for beef lovers.

Our Mission

Rellman Foods aims at producing better products every day, and supplying our customers with outstanding service, whenever and wherever needed.